La Mariana
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Through the Stars

A Poem

Just a writer deep in thought

Looking at the breeze of my window

When the moon and the sun used to talk

Now staring there with eyes wide open

Wondering how did it get to here with silence

Have the heart been closed?

I stared harder at the stars and they flicker

I wonder was it me who walked out my dark

Or it was light that entered

Minutes went by as I view my scenery

Nothing but immence beauty made me wonder

How did life end up so tragic and confused

When the silence makes everything a muse

I pulled myself closer to my window

To hear every cricket every bird that whispered

In the filtered ear

The wind started to move my hair nothing but beauty

A beauty I could not compare

Until I knew the wait had a view

It was knowledge passing through the fuse

I looked at him so big and firm

Passing by the window of comfort

I felt so respected and adjourned

Then the symphony of knowledge addressed me with words

Like the angels that shine in heaven

The ones on ground must be told

Nothing for else matters but beauty of the heart

For in your eyes behold answers still left in the dark

Blushed I took a rose so pure and praise

That the knowledge will become something all will praise

Pulled myself up and closed my window tight

Hoping I would have a great sleep at night

The story the scenery never left me

Still hoping tomorrow will be great to site.


Hello, I would like to start off my page with one of my poem. I’m an inspired writer.

Do truly enjoy all the beautiful sensation that comes out of it? I hope I will get to enjoy you enjoying my work as I post.

"Through the Stars" is about the long nightly waits that we get to face most of our lives until what is right falls right into place. Enjoy! By La Mariana

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Through the Stars
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