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Through It All, We Go

With me, stand.

With me stand

Through life grand

Forever soul mates 

Stress never abates 

Cortisol levels rising

Looking bigger sizing 

Hand in hand 

Heart by heart 

Mind touching mind 

Body to body

We are living 

Best shot giving 

Traumatic events continue 

What's on menu 

New memories lane 

More to gain 

Together we're good

Usually reasonably understood 

Relationally we're good 

Everything we could

To keep calm 

Read a psalm 

Getting through life 

With wonderful wife

Please be reprieve

Are we deceived 

Questioning the right

Way we should 

Go on through 

All of this 

Thing called life

Just want health 

Body Soul Spirit 

The struggle continues 

To be rough 

Just want enough 

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Through It All, We Go
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