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Three Things to Live For

Short and Sweet

I've lived my life in search of three things:

One: The gentle kiss of a caring lover. The electricity of her lips, the tenderness of her smile as we share a moment of silence for the lovers we've left behind. Politely waving at the tides closing in on the ocean of anxiety, littered with possibilities of liquor-fueled lonely nights.

Two: To be overwhelmed by the beauty of mother nature. To stand atop the highest peaks of snow-capped mountains, to look down and ponder the hearts of men. To conquer the thirst for rapid heartbeats and warm sunsets born in me by the relentless search for fulfillment. 

Three: A map of the road less traveled. A reason to risk it all. Assurance that my worst dreams won't become reality and swallow me in darkness. Hands clawing at my confidence, shackling my tongue, weighing on my chest. It becomes hard to breathe under the closing of my rib cage, and so I take it one breath at a time. 

This has been my adventure so far. It's been challenging, but I not dare estrange myself from the naive dreams of my youth. I dare peek over the edge of the future's void and find myself holding a light to the wick inside my blue burning soul. 

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Three Things to Live For
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