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Three Loves

People say we fall in love with three people in our lifetimes.

The first was youth.

Young and reckless.

Emotions flooding our veins, two hearts follow one beat.

Our minds drowning in dopamine and oxytocin.

Days spent dreams of summer nights, clumsy fingers, and

Guitar solos.

Kisses like liquor

And we were drunk.

We ended much like we started, in a blaze of fiery passion

And paranoia.

The second was passion.

Sloppy kisses and sloshing drinks.

Highs and lows warring like soldiers to be crowned kings.

Fire and ice; both burning our souls.

Whips cracking and words healing, exposing many wounds

Left untreated.

Eternal promises turned to ash

Like shared cigarettes.

It was only a matter of time before the hourglass ran out,

But we weren't ready.

The third is stability.

A calm in the storm.

If I am a wave, then he is a boulder, steadfast and resilient.

Eyes that seem to hold a thousand lives of experience, yet

Never weeping. A constant reminder of everything

I should be.

Unwavering acceptance

And constant rhythm.

Perhaps he will chip away the stone wall, but time

Will tell.

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Kelsey Horn
Kelsey Horn

22 year old college student studying Public Relations. I love music, sex, food, being bisexual, cannabis, and my significant other. When not writing, I'm either blogging, lurking on social media, or napping.

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Three Loves
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