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Thoughts of a Weary Mind

What Does Death Feel Like?

What does death feel like—

Is it peaceful and euphoric?

Is it beautiful and quick?

Does it truly come, like a thief in the night?

Or is it like taking a scenic Sunday drive?

I imagine death to be agonizing and lonely

A raging fire sets your soul ablaze

Flames travel from the chest

To the depths of the mind

Where no one dares to enter

Deep into the depths of despondency

Where no one hears your screams

And no one dares to care

Alone in a new world

So dark and cold

The loneliness begets anguish

The pain is excruciating and never-ending

Like tripping headfirst into a black hole

And falling into forever

An eternity of experiencing your ultimate nightmare

Only to be born again and relive it again

And again

That’s what death feels like.

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Thoughts of a Weary Mind
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