Thoughts in Sunsets


Arcadia Management Area 

On water’s Edge

An end found,

Reflection formed

In misty eyed thoughts.

Harrowing denial-

Of a life

A love

A memory of reflection

Reflected back--

To the lost survivor

Of a world

That imploded

Swallowing Sun’s Final Rays.

In the midst of end

A voice whispered

Searching for calm—

Searching for “enough”

To be the final truth

In a world of lies

Spinning, spinning

Tilting a life in motion

To stop its course

Towards the final destination

Of actualization

Or further denial

In the world—

A memory

Of reflected reflection

Of you,


And us?

A me?

Before the sun’s last ray

Shot fire in heart

A soul burned—

Leaving questions unanswered,

Remembered thought

Of truth or lie?

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Katrina Thornley
Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author that graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She lives in the middle of the woods and enjoys hiking, photography, painting, and candle making. 

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Thoughts in Sunsets
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