This Is Where It Ends

Ballad of a Millennial

Go to school

get good grades

go to college

go to more college (and more college)

get a job (be a provider)

find a mandatory life partner (preferably a spouse)

have kids

own a house

maybe retire


This is where it ends.

This is where I choose to change directions.

I am not but a mere projection of  society's expectations 

who passionately chooses to follow such a blind narrative

where is the purpose in a predetermined path?

have you ever stopped to think?

what's in between the stress

the constant pressure to keep up

to live up to some abstract sense of worth

what's in between the non-stop rushing

feeling like you need to do something

all the while your body is begging you to rest

yet rest is for the weak you say

never feeling adequate enough to live up to the standard cultural narrative

You want me to be competitive 

you say

but I wish to be the farthest thing from such

Competition is what uprooted the trees from the earth

or what prompts another human to willingly slay another via the bullet of a gun

It is why there are people who live in palaces while everyone else in their line of visibility can barely put food on their tables

It is the gasses that invade our atmosphere

the filth and oil in our waters

the horrendous cries of fighter jets that intrude the peace of the earthly skies

that fly by villages and towns

the horrified screams of civilians besieged by non stop armies, tanks, and bombs

Children decapitated at best, slaughtered at worst

This is all in the nature of competition 

There is not an ounce of me who wants to compete

What good would I be doing to the earth, to humanity?

I shall thrive

I shall soar higher than anyone could ever imagine

I will boldly break down the illusions that claim to bind me to this life

No boundaries

No nations

No chains

This is where it ends.

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This Is Where It Ends
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