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This Is Only a Test

Yes, only a test.

Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

This is only a test

Yes, only a test

Of rhythmic ability

With verbal agility

The flowing of syllable

After slanted synonym

To speak and speak again

In relaxed indifference

With much deference

For the timing of my rhyming

Tying ends to ends

To fit together in harmony

A sip of this tonic will put you on guard around me

A sound so profound it’ll run circles round you

To lose the fears that bind you

That tie you up to shut down

Your flow of soul and sound

It’s my goal right now

To express this impression

Of tranquil hostility

Try not to get lost in the


But open your ears and listen

To the lesson that’ll lessen your burden

Of a lack of contact

With an eternal energy

The cause of the inner me

Leasing, releasing, and increasing

As the flow stops ceasing

Cause that flow can take you home

Shake your bones

And set the tone

To the ringer ringing the phone alive

You dial to channel the known inside

So row, row goes your boat

Till the river explodes

Into a rapid

With the rapid

Exchange of word and thought

The verb that taught you

This is only a test

The rest will come

Like the early sun rising

To begin the day anew

To set the view of a true

Sound you can see

It’s in you

It’s in me

It’s in us all

Believe it, be free

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Tracy Furrow
Tracy Furrow

Poetry, reveries, and streams of consciousness. Musings, revelries, and free dreams of consonance. Metaphysics, philosophy, and magick cognizance. Writing things that make me high and do a dance.

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This Is Only a Test
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