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This Is Not Love

His Love

He tells me to be quiet.

He tells me eat the pain.

He tells me if I love him enough,

Then I should never complain.

This... this is his love.

He tells me what to do,

Tells me who to be,

And reminds me how fortunate I am

That he loves someone like me.

This... this is his love.

He tells me that he wants me,

Tells me when it's time,

Never once does he ask 

When it's over why I'm crying.

This... this is his love.

I tell him I don't want this

I tell him this is cruel 

I tell him that I love him 

But I'm not a mindless jewel.

I tell him this... this is not love.

He tells me that I'm crazy 

He tells me that I'm lying

He says no one else will love me like him

He laughs when I start crying.

This... this is not love.

I tell him I am leaving

I can play these games no more

He holds me by my wrists

Screams that I'm a whore.

This... this is not love.

He holds me after I have

Kicked and screamed and wept 

He holds me til we fall asleep.

Looked like an angel as he slept.

This... this is still not love.

I finally find my strength 

I leave in the dark of night 

Now the love that I still have for him

I'll consider our last fight.

Even if it was never love.

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This Is Not Love
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