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This Is a Poem I Wrote About the Struggle of Making Decisions

I just wanted to share my experience and outlook on how I struggle to make decisions that feel right.

People say to follow your heart, but what does that really mean?

Does it mean I burst along with it into a million pieces?

Or sing along to the beat, til it is no more?

My heart has pulled me every which way to no avail

Ranging from the guy, the tear, the smile, the laugh, the cry, and the everything in between

And just when all is just and fine, player two comes to join the game,

The mind

It plays the logic card from the deck

Every little fantasy you’ve had gets twisted and ripped apart while it’s still a rough draft:

Oh this guy won’t like you like that

What reason is there to smile?

If you’re not gonna cry might as well smile

Why not throw in some laughs to make it more believable?

You know what everything is just too much.

My mind decides to play devil's advocate, depriving me of my joy and stripping me of my confidence

I guess you truly can never please anyone as either my heart drags me for ignoring its calls or my mind aches for making a decision that might be my downfall

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This Is a Poem I Wrote About the Struggle of Making Decisions
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