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This Guy... "B"

Been My Boy...Like...Forever!

I've known this dude, like... two decades. Geez! 

Been my n*gga since, way back when... we first started, smoking trees.
Like, when, Tupac and Biggie were friends. (before they had beef)
Met him when I was nine, or ten... a skinny, shit-head of a kid back then.
Who didn't even swear, or do shit, like be rebellious, because I was too much of a geek, a legit, goodie-two-shoes to consider it, so...

I'm like... at my best friend, D's house, right? 'Cause their mom's away and everybody's lit. 'Cause, when Ms. Coley flies the coup... the fish finally bite.
Like the place, becomes a frat house... for the day (and the night).

There were Willet, and Mona, from Wouburn, Eva with the red, glossy-ass-eyes, with, the black Erykah Badu-style head-wrap...and Jen. Omg! Jen, She was half, what? Indian or,  Spanish, or some shit, with a phat ass!!!

And Carlos... oh MY GOD, dude! That guy's the greatest!!!!


Destro... I think that was B's Boi, and Kevins.

And ... uh... fuck, what's his name? Um... Ish!' Don't worry about, the full name mans dem just goes by this.

And I'm, like... 9 years old... apparently far too grown, lol!

Trying to be fly and shit.

Making my strut, look cool as I entered (the room filled with "big kids"). people-packed, in a  weed-smelling, smoke-filled room.

And, like... 900 eyes start gawking at my shit, way too soon,
and ...

Now I feel weird...

Dionne's no longer my safety blanket because she's gone upstairs.
"I dunno?" To find papers, or chase or some shit...

So in an effort to save my life, I crack a joke, and the subject of the odd-9year-old in the room quickly got old... and the mood tapered... just before a brief pause... and the whole room busted out laughing ...almost in emotional applause!

And I, the geek, became the cool kid...and they'd be my family, best friends for fucking YEARS ahead...

And when I was ten, I remember I called Dionne's house and swore on the phone line, just as her mom picked up, and she cussed me 'bout my rassclaat'.

I'm sorry for all those who don't speak or understand patois inflection, it's just a witty ass, Carribean expression. But, either way... I sank into the phone. Never to call again, I thought, for (a few days for sure) because
of it...

Embarrassed that I'd been caught swearing by my best friends mom... and!?  Not only had I gotten marinated, jerked, and thoroughly seasoned, but, I swear to God... bombed. Seriously given pure shit! But that lady's literally my second mom... so she can fucking tell me 'bout my claut' any day of the week... just for the hell of it.

Oh and there's Kev... tho some of you might know him as WIo... a rap artist that spits, lyrics, wisdom, and fire.

And the way he loves off my latina girlfriend...lol! 

Said, "she's fine and wouldn't mind giving her couple of kids" Lol! Jesus, I fucking love this guy! 

He's absolutely priceless... 

I went to church with these peeps and shit... 

And I'm grateful for the experience of it all... and the memory of it...

Even today he stops by for like an hour with a bag of blunts to get fried and ...we talk about back then, life,  politics, and politicians.
Fake news and current events and cough in the middle... of passing me that shit.

Don't be fucking bogart and keep hogging it.

Brians like the type of guy who will get up in the middle of that shit and start playing "air fiddle," to imaginary music.

Or, Caw like a Kandor just for the fun of it... 

The literal definition of a free spirit... And I love him, for it... not like that... but like my brother, my ride or die my best friend like no other! 

Like there's no word on earth that describes the bond I have with these peeps. They like... extended family, my number one clique.
Anyway, we get stoned as fuck and talk about the kids... I mention M*tch and the fact that we're, "not cool, right now.. and pretty much "kicking off, arguing over, building blocks, bullshit, drama...like spoiled kids."
and he, tells me to "buck up... Apple... pick up your chin." Sis... "You've always been the one to win the race despite the odds your in." And I laughed my motherfucking ass off...again.

Just before he left and promised we'd hang, soon, like the "old days" we'd even get the rest of the crew. 

Ky...I even told him I wanted him to meet you, too... fuuuuck!

What a great night... its memories like this that keep you up reminiscing all night,  a check, off on the bucket list. 

Christ... never laughed so hard in my life, like this!

I'd re-live that moment for the rest of my life... and just before he left I cracked another killer joke... like, the one I told, when I was nine... except this one was a Micheal Jackson, Thriller, fine. and I had him in tears...(still laughing)  when he hugged me goodbye...

We embraced like we wouldn't see each other again for another hundred years ...but that's the fucking bond we have had... through the years, Yo...
Take heed folks...this kinda loyalty, don't grow on trees. This the type of shit I expect, what I need from a human being to take any of you seriously. Get what I mean?

That is the standard you have to fucking meet ...in order to roll, (or even smoke) with me.

So take a few notes, I'll even rip a couple pages out my binder, like one or two sheets... actually, here... take a pen in fact. Twenty years without a fight with this, due, bro, so... yea.

A cough, cough.
Take that.
©️ Inure Muse I.M.

"Shy Man..." Him? Nope.

Dedicated to the Coley's. The best people I've ever known! Thank you, for your love, treating me like family... for everything. Namaste.

#Banita 'Apple' Bum😘💋

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This Guy... "B"
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