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This Flows for You

My Brother My Friend

i am on the brink of determination

I know what it means to breed creation

When I shoved my hand down your throat

Did you feel my passion

And pulled out the pills that you choked

Sayin this ain't Happenin

You coward you freak

You arrogant creep

Do you think I care

If you cease counting sheep

No I know you can't die

And this is all a big act

And all that would happen

Is a pat on the back

As I witness the drama and state all the facts

And burn all the bridges keeping my side of the pact

When will this all end my brother my friend

It won't when you die

It'll all just begin

So stick around and have fun

And break loose on the run

Don't make me the reason

You want to stop breathin

cuz I love you you heathen

You d better quit teasin

Quit Trippin quit leavin

Quit hatin quit fakin

Quit makin me be the lucky one that gets to endure

You general disposition that's laking mature

Responses to sitches

That you helped implore

Just enjoy life and all of its ebbs and all of its flows

And know that this flow is for you my lover my ho

Don't take it for granted

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This Flows for You
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