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This Boat

A Poem

This Boat.

There is a vacant look behind the eyes.

A mystery of unwelcome surprise.

That hides a fear of the unsaid.

Of the worst that could happen within my head.

I sit in silence my heart pounds.

As I feel my throat dry.

It was from so high up that I’ve hit the ground.

I’m left with the familiar question why?

Where is the future in masking the truth.

When all it leads is to resentment all around us the proof.

That without communication there’s only frustration and tears.

That will slowly devour you over the years.

Is it too much to ask for a love to last.

For the winds to blow forever free in our masts.

As we sail away in search of a dream.

That is never quite as real as it seemed.

Is it too much to ask for a heart's sincerity.

To ask for simple honesty to lead to perfect clarity.

To keep afloat amid life’s turbulent seas.

This boat on which I am brought to my Knees.

As another wave crashes.

I await the imminent capsize.

I won’t go down with this ship...

But its memory will haunt my eyes.

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This Boat
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