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Things that Sing to Me

A List of Things that You Might Not Hear, but Very Loudly They Sing to Me

The sunny meadows, and the bright fields of glory.

The trickling brook and its luxurious bed.

The woodlands and its peaceful melody.

And the mountain peaks with its breathtaking view.

The beautiful sunset I see before bed.

The extravagant dawn I see every morning.

The silent whisper of the rushing wind.

And the relaxing waves as they rush ashore.

The tiny ship as it is tossed about.

The wondrous moon and its luminous glow.

The simple fox and its darting around.

And yet another thing that sings that is audibly heard,

Is the waterfall and its magnificent rumble.

Those are some of the things that sing to me.

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Things that Sing to Me
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