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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Teenage Me

She was a weirdo btw.

First off,

I wish someone had told me 

Your eyebrows are terrible

Your natural ones 

While slightly bushman like

Are luscious 

And unique

Save yourself the time and energy

And leave them the fuck alone


Well except that unibrow

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Frida Kahlo?

I wish someone had told me

That I am not ugly

Because I have acne

I wish they had called me beautiful or cute

Instead of pizza face

I wish someone had told me 

That thinking a girl’s pretty

And that the butterflies I can feel

Flying around my stomach

Like kamikaze pilots

Whenever I talk to her

Or see her across the foyer

Is not wrong 

Is not something I should feel ashamed about 

That I do not have to rationalize 

Or analyze my feelings 

Because there’s nothing wrong with them

Which means 

There’s nothing wrong with me. 

I wish someone had told me

That while the darkness I feel inside me

 Will never go away completely

I will have days

Where I feel genuine happiness

Radiating from my chest 

And I won’t be worrying about

What others think about me

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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Teenage Me
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