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Things I Had

Or thought I did...

I thought I had Monday mornings,

Seeing you smile in a coffee shop,

Where all your dreams would pass over your face,

And come out in all your words.

Yeah I thought I had Friday night,

Dancing there in the pale moonlight,

Watching you swing and sway, back and forth,

To music playing in your truck.

Here's to every Sunday morning,

To the breakfasts we used to have,

To the memories, of brighter days,

Long come and gone.

Here's to the photographs,

To the moments we shared,

Together we were perfect,

But that's all gone now...

So as I sit alone,

Smoking this last cigarette,

On a Monday morning outside a coffee shop,

I'll remember every day.

And when that ole guitar plays,

I'll be sure to sing along,

Singing out your favorite tune,

Now that you're gone.

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Jai Storm
Jai Storm

An avid writer who utilizes real life experiences and places them delicately onto paper for others to live vicariously through.

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Things I Had
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