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They Tell Me

Never mind. I invented you. I invented you, as far as my purposes go. I invented loving you and I invented your death. I have my tricks and my trap doors, too.— Alice Munro, from Collected Stories; “Tell Me Yes or No.”

always water and darkness because now I eat the light; I am sun.

— Angel Dominguez, from “Don’t tell my mother if they kill me #2″ published in Brooklyn 

I'm broken,

but i'm not a wreck.

Through the trouble,

weight on the scars

of my heart.

I'm the worst to love,

the worst to give confornt,

the broken doll that is

covered in dust.

They tell me I'm amazing,

I'm not alone, that I'm not the

burden I claim to be...

See how many steps you

can take in my shoes, see

how much you'll be able

to understand in my


I heard a voice I knew,

taking me back the end,

walking around feeling

lost and lonely.

Wondering around

with my eyes wide

open, dreaming

of a reality that

want's me.

Hoping I find someone who feels the same.

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They Tell Me
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