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They Didn't Listen (Dialogue with Derry and the Clown in the Sewers)

It's only a clown, they said.

Shiny wet teeth
Hiding in the sewers
That's all you are
Great bloody jaws
With a mask

I'll eat you alive
Who's gonna notice
A kid gone missing
This town's dead

Red balloon
Floating in the sewers
Stop pretending
You're a clown
Is that blood

You'll die
You'll die, but you'll float
You'll all float too
A million red balloons
Sweetened with blood

I can't see the clown
For the rain
The circus
Must be out of town
But you've got us

Children posted on signs
Jaws in the sewer
It's just a clown
What are you
Afraid of?

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They Didn't Listen (Dialogue with Derry and the Clown in the Sewers)
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