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These Times When I Got No One to Talk to

I need someone to talk with about how I feel

Will you chat with me please?

i’m flowing and i can’t stop

these thoughts are too deep

a life boat wouldn’t even keep you afloat

these times when i got no one to talk to

i talk to the pen

that’s the only thing that’ll listen to me

i am through with arguing

the fighting

the playing sides

the fake stuff

if you got something on me, fine

exposing what we had is not going to change anything

i moved on, doing better things in life

so if you still stuck on me

sorry honey

you got it messed up

get your life together

i ain’t that important

these times when i got no one to talk to

i grind until i get exhausted

because that’s the only thing

taking my mind off the distress

i find purpose through pursuing what i love

i express myself in ways you wouldn’t believe

that’s all i got it’s what brought me here after all

if you see me doing more

i might be hurting more too

try to understand

sympathize with me after you finish reading up on me

maybe you can understand my frustration

i ain’t ticked off for no reason

i just don’t wanna feel no more shame

i run from it the best way i can

i ain’t built like i was

so i tire much quicker

these times when i got no one to talk to

if i run out of weed all i wanna do is sleep

the stress is too much to a point where i can no longer cope

so what do i do

i get lifted

i want my ghost to touch someone else’s

i free my mind at night

i’m in my prime by then

writing gives me the clearance

to let go of the baggage ailing me

i tote more of it than those books i dropped in 18 and 19

with the same name

i claim more of it than flights

through with the fussing

being negative is so draining

no wonder you be so tired

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These Times When I Got No One to Talk to
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