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There’s No Going Back

A Poem

Yeah he's falling asleep

And I'm holding my heart

I don't know if he knows

But I am falling apart.

And there isn't a day

When I don't feel alone

I just can't seem to find

Somewhere that feels like home.

Ever since that you left

I've been alone in my bed

And it just isn't right

No it just isn't right.

I can't think of those songs

I can't sing a simple word

Cause I know if you were here

I would have most definitely heard

You singing along to those lines

And me desperately trying

To stop all of this smiling

But now you won't catch me smiling

I'll probably just be crying.

So look for me on the streets

Dragging my feet, so sad

But don't ask for me to get in with you

I'll be more than happy calling a cab.

Because I just can't go back

To that place where I lacked

A sense of real purpose

You made me feel so worthless.

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There’s No Going Back
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