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There's No Mercy for Butterflies

A Poem

Mercy, she called out my name

And promised to take away my pain

Lord knows ive been through hell

Just to break spells

Im cursed with a divine power. 

Yet Theres no mercy for a butterfly like me.

Lucy whispers

"You're soul is mine, we had a deal. You're chained to me, its your destiny"

Truth is, he's right. 

So the pain just reveals the truth. 

One day mercy will take away my hurt. 

Until then, I cry blood. 

My past is made up of ash as I release the curses

With my alchemized verses

Into the cut throat game 

Im covered in blood

Floods of holy water 

Burn my skin

Im haunted again 

I'll never be the same

At least I'll never be plain

Or lame

I dont relate to normal people

Im not one of them

Im initiated 

Remembering everyone that 

Built me up

Just to cut me down

I made them to ash with

the rest of my past

Because the weak 

will never last.

Poem by #saratmccune 

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There's No Mercy for Butterflies
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