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The World's Need for Color

There's more to life than punishing and fearing the "abnormal."

A melting pot. Isn't this an intended vision of America?

Diversity. Colorful. Filled with possibilities. Exploding with voices.

The world is meant to contain all.

Multiple dreams that can build hope for generations to come.

Voices that lead to thresholds to world variations.

Exposed strength from people we look up to

That can throw fear and alienation out the window.

Once again, though, the thundering of Calivers and their cousins

Silences the dreams of the "freaks of nature."

We're in an era where Dr. King's dreams should come true;

Where more communities are to be discovered and celebrated.

However, if we shine the spotlight on our potential,

If we tattoo a smile on what makes us different,

If we know there's more for us than cookie cutters

That turn us into the dull that's accepted,

Then superiors who breathe power like air

Suffocate us in hopelessness

To remind us that they have control.

The only diversity that they would accept

Are the varying methods to scare us away from their power.

Peaceful reminders that women should vote?

Women are arrested when the hating rose the shouting.

People have colors on their skin

And no weapons in their palms?

A shove in cells and graves is necessary.

The heteronorm is too snug and unappealing?

Shoving bullets and Prince-princess stories down your throat

And sprinkling markings of Violet and indigo

Should give you a change of heart!

Mentally different makes glasses showing more of the world?

A peck from the concrete says those views are wrong.

We're all a varying cluster of wildflowers,

But the gardeners see us as weeds

And spray us away till we're a wasteland

Containing wilts and well-worns.

But all that matters is the norm keeps control, right?

If nature wanted nothing but blank canvases,

Most of us would be pulled back to Earth

Without the help of those scared of no control.

We've got the different grays and mixes,

We've got the blues and peaceful reds,

We've got more colors yet to be discovered.

Let's pull the pistols away

And pick up brushes in their place

To Van Gogh the beauty the world truly deserves.

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The World's Need for Color
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