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The Wolf Pup

El Cachorro De Lobo (Wolf Pup)

Instinctive by design,

cultured to breathe,

the young pup explored, through the forest he weaved.

Up again, down again, inside and out,

every inch of this place he'd been round about.

Never lost, simply seeking, 

for borders to break,

for a place where his

deviant dreams could awake.

Impassioned, true,

with a titanium spine.

 Discovery made his roots deep and divine.

His veins were as rivers,

In his bones mountains formed, 

All the while, 'neath his skull, 

brewed a callusing storm.

Power and pain,

brilliance with vice,

Prestige surely comes

with a most handsome price.

Sojourning, he learned,

who he was, what he wanted, 

as his barriers toppled

he became more undaunted.

But he knew his legacy,

would die a mystery unless,

he found an outlet for his storm

to unfold and undress.

After conquering dangers,

After all he had roamed,

He was drawn to a place that he could call "home".

Whether made of velvet bone and flesh, or tucked within a lithic cave,

he knew all alpha males,

needed a place to belong to be brave.

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The Wolf Pup
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