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The Window

Unlatching the Barrier Prohibiting Mental Freedom

Open windows become


when they release the


and invite


As I stared out, into the abyss of the night sky; darkness held its gaze, boring into my soul. It wasn’t a judgemental gaze so much as purposefully inquisitive. Why was I so afraid of its confrontation? A question I realised resonated with a sensitive layer of my heart.

It was in that moment that I admitted to a lifelong journey of denial. Denial of the attachment I had manifested within my heart, organically latching onto my soul. Chains constructed of self-hatred and shame underlying my every thought, feeling and thus actions.

It was in that moment that freedom shook my hand and embraced every inch of my fibres. Isn’t it a lark that we can live our whole existences without living a life of freedom: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Without experiencing the rise and fall of our chests as we absorb the whirlwinds repairing our cells by the second.

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The Window
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