The Wilderness

What does it mean to be lost?

I want to find myself lost again

once more, dear friends

lost in that marvelous wilderness.

Once in a time long ago,

way back when

I would consistently walk through it,

this untamed, wilderness.

Every step into it,

I could feel the pulsing underfoot:

the heartbeat of mother earth.

I would be caressed by the warm

arms of her air.

Or I could close my eyes

seeing with my nose, the flowers

that made up her hair.

But it would always seem to rain

as soon as it got,

just a bit too hot.

Almost as if the wilderness was

telling my heart,

my mind,

to stop.

I miss that beguiling cadence

of nature.

That metronome of God.

It's frightening to think

that all of this might be forever lost.

Forever forgot.

I thought I found myself so many times,

that I don't know if I can ever again,

find myself lost,

in that marvelous wilderness.

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The Wilderness
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