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The Way I Left You

This poem is about reflecting back on a past relationship and gaining closure. It’s about loving someone with all your heart and having them not love you back.

You are the way I left you.

You have not aged a day in my mind.

Nothing has changed.

I am that naïve.

I keep my distance.

I am bad for you.

I loved you more than life itself.

Though that never matters to you.

You would never feel the same way about me.

I was the bad seed keeping you down.

I would never measure up to your ridiculous standards.

I broke the mold.

I dared to be myself.

You hated me for who I am.

You are the way I left you.

I aged 15 years.

You are someone else now.

I build my life around you.

I looked for you in everyone.

The heartbreak over losing you caused me nothing but misery.

Everything has changed.

The distance used to make the heart grow fonder.

Now it makes the heart grow wiser.

I see how stupid I was to love you.

How silly I was to chance a chance.

I was naïve.

I was in love with the idea of a perfect world.

A world I will never enter.

A world you live in with someone else.

I was never good enough.

I am no longer a puppet in your game.

I dared to be my own person.

I dared to speak the truth and not hold back.

You hate me for who I am.

Not for who I pretended to be to impress you.

I was true to myself.

I was not right for your life.

You will never understand me.

I forgot to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

Though I am not coming back to you this time.

The birds saved me from finding my way back by eating the contents of my pocket before I could scatter them on the ground.

A group of crows saved me from making even bigger mistakes.

They saved me from going back where I don’t belong.

There is no path to you anymore.

That was the hardest part.

It was the hardest thing to let go of.

What could have been,

But never will be.

You are the way I left you.

Memories fade.

It is only my face in the mirror now.

Your existence is done haunting me.

I glued my heart back together.

I learned to move on. 

This poem is featured in the poetry collection "Passing Skeletons".

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