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The Warrior


When the spirit has been broken and the world around becomes uneven is where the warrior will be found. Ground into the earth, body broken down. A force will take hold telling him to stand on hallowed ground.

Pushing from the ground, sweat and blood abound. Showing his sacrifice and never giving up on his fight. Alone he stands, with trembling hands, facing the world before him. A thousand foes laugh and boast how they were able to abuse him.

Lifting his head up high, breathing deeply and cleaning his mind, a stronger urge compels him. The world may have thought he has lost, but here is where the battle really begins.

Cleaning the doubt away from his mind as he brushes away the blood and dirt from his thighs. Renewing his faith in his sole purpose.

Pushing off his old armor of pride, selfishness and misery. Allowing his skin to bathe in the light of empathy. Dusting off his past mistakes making way to commemorate the growth he's taken and become.

Wiping his chin of blood and dirt, he turns his head and sees where he once stood. Fingers balling into fists, the fight within him had been renewed. His purpose was not to live and die. But to create a world that he could truly love and admire.

As he stepped towards his foes, he picked up his spear and aimed to throw. Gazing out over the crowd, picking his spot and making it matter. Hitting the heart of all his fears and undoing his doubt, his pain over the years.

Conflict had brought him renewal but without strife there would be no life in his future.

The fears he saw fell to the ground, the others around stared in awe at the sound. The spear had hit true and with that the warrior could move, dropping his pride behind him.

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Steven Altman
Steven Altman

He is a minor professional goalie writing about the game of hockey and all the things that come with the traveling/hockey lifestyle. He runs the Minor Pro Life blog and writes poetry in his spare time.

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The Warrior
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