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The Walk

What We May Think

The green trees make one beautiful machine

Standing tall, hiding the smallest in between

Glancing to the left the sun is to reflect

On what it is to touch, and yet

Glance to the right... nature has arranged beauty through the depth

Making our souls leap for the chance

To line up for this life-like dance.

All with one thrill of a glance

To the water so deep and here to cleanse.

Are we ready? Really, all that depends.

On moments...

Moments... igniting the heart so fierce

that we notice the switch our legs begin to preach.

Deepening to a stride

Tuning in our forgotten pride.

We are to carry on!

Through inner peace.

This lesson we are never to teach

Some only lucky enough for it to reach.

So, feel the warmth where the body begins to ache

With feet screaming, "The Gravel beneath may shake!"

All the while,

Smiling is what the mouth chooses to make.

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The Walk
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