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The Violent Algol

Or the wait that is killing me

You said our encounter was nuclear

And if it's true

It makes it impossible to ever really be over

Some particles will remain forever

And it is true

I know it too

Cause boy you run me like a river

Its powerful force, its sure course

That is how it is nuclear

You are an explosion my dear


You got me feeling shaky, it's scary

I find myself obsessing

They say it's normal at the beginning

But I feel so damn lonely, it's scary

One minute I'm furious

The next I'm anxious

You pop on my mind

I smile and go blind

Right before I let go of a savage sound I can't control

One that makes everyone around very much curious

Then it's a whole wave taking over me

Wanting you, Needing you, it's vicious

Only because I can't have you and well

That makes me mad as hell

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The Violent Algol
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