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The Uninvited

A Poem

Is sepulchral evolved anatomy

buried in the depths of me?

Is empty fashioned cavity

and damned from all Divinity?

Zelda gave advice to me

await your wonders quietly

a passive win of power play

be the change you want today

My sex is real, as it can feel

what those who question it appeal

My primary subject to sneers,

but I'm willing to pioneer

the legitimate

the New yonic

not with simple shears

A generation lost a century ago

rings right whose rung as minority 

sits on the ladder low.

My flesh still mine, skin hypersensitive

stigma against what is reconstructive

why on Earth would I go on to live

in "mutilation" left only necrosive?

This vessel is all we have, while also less than halves

Hearts are dust, and yet we must

use judgement just to salve.

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The Uninvited
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