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The Tulips Are Out

A Poem About the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Roozengaarde ~ Mount Vernon, WA.

Photo by Katherine Zumpano

the tulips are out

again in the valley,

drawing swarms

of people like bees

with vibrant petals,

whole fields turned

yellow, red, purple.

the tulips are out

again in the valley,

lined up together in

colorful rows, as if

mimicking the tourists

lined up together

in backroad traffic.

the tulips are out

again in the valley,

and parking near 

the fields is hard to find,

with license plates 

from maine to arizona 

lining the lots.

the tulips are out

again in the valley,

causing the locals

to grumble and

the buses to run late,

but the tulips are

the first sign of spring.

the tulips are out

again in the valley;

i know how the

saying goes, but

it looks like

year-round showers

bring April flowers.

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The Tulips Are Out
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