The Truth Hurts

It's been years since he left me, it still hurts. I tried my best to move on, but his memories still haunt me. It only makes me sadder. Every time I think about the negative things he'd done to me. I feel relieved that I'm not with him anymore. When he left, I finally see myself and love the flaws I had. I can't believe that I've done so many things without him. Before, I'd always rely on him and I let him control me. Not anymore, I learned my lesson and I will never allow anyone to control me again.

There are things

That we need to let go

Even if it hurts

We still have to make it go

Truth hurts; I know

Even the dead fishes in the ocean

They have to let go

It doesn’t make sense

But I know you understand

We have to let go the ones we love

It takes some time to move on

But we need to let it go

Sometimes our heart telling us

To keep holding on;

Can we even do that?

We keep asking our self

Why do we have to let someone go?

It’s not easy to move on

Always remembers the time we spent

The moment we wasted

The time we invest

The time that we thought

It could last

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The Truth Hurts
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