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The Traveler

Not all classrooms have four walls.

The letter you wrote from the top of the mountains

To reach the sky takes a million dreams that crazy alive

Maybe the mist will cover part of your way to going up

But the stairs are there to always show where the winds fly

Sometimes your step is stopped by a rain smile

Sometimes the cold of night forces you to fall asleep without a cave

But the green trees lights are there will stay awake

To keep your shadow from disappearing in a dark place

The letter you wrote in the depths of the ocean

Sometimes you have to swim in the middle of a tidal wave

Walking slowly with light from coral reefs

Breathing deeply into a beauty that never existed in the legend's story

The letter you wrote in the silence of the forest

Bird song and dew drops wake you up in the morning

Brings your world to the throne of the wild kingdom

Unpredictable will make you want to live another thousand years

The letter you wrote in the dim light at the tent

The silence of the lake makes you love the song of peace

Beach night dance becomes the first love in your dreams

Alone gives you a crown for the power hidden in you

Cold air, dark night, warm fire and bright stars

What is more beautiful than the traveler's traces?

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The Traveler
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