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The Toniella Effect

A Message to Tonia

Oh Life..oh life...oh life

How badly you have been painted

With black colours and greasy paint

As beautiful as you are, it's strange

That people give up on you, shameful disgrace

A bottle is beautiful, alcohol corrupts it

The mouth is sweet, bad omen destroy it

The heart is pure, bad thoughts occupy it

Love is divine, people poison it

Life is awesome, its inhabitants ignore it

True love is not a word, it's a feeling

When it comes, you would know

Sit back and watch the show unfold

That your heart was broken once

Does not mean that love is no more

That you love was stoned to death

Does not mean it cannot resurrect

Your knight is on the way or might have passed

But he is yours and yours alone, I trust

True love never dies, if it dies it's not true

A message Toniella from Leah to you

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The Toniella Effect
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