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The Time Is Now


When is the time that you know that your voice is not getting heard

That the words are there but have no meaning

You can say a million things

And not have a word said back

When  Will you were presence be enough

When you have to scream at the top of your lungs saying I'm here

Reason enough to when you say good bye

Night is going to be the hardest part

When they're not there by your side

For them not to have their arm wrapped around you

Can I feel that Warm embrace again

Is that The Choice I'm giving up

To have a love that is forever

But not to get forever is not enough

So good bye is the answer

But when is the right time to say it

Honestly it never will be the timing

My heart or mouth will never be able to say it

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Sheena Ann
Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel ...so I do I write about what has happened since...it comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

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The Time Is Now
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