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The Time I Conquered Fear

A Poem About Telling Your Inner Demons to F&*# Off

I was down for you 

but all you did was lie to me. 

You told me that it would kill you to lose me

but I'm suffocating from you noose. 

Can you please set me free?

Everyday is a constant battle. 

It's always me fighting for air. 

I beg you to surrender and raise your white flag, 

but you just won't give up. 

Do you even care?

You're venomous like a snake with a rattle. 

Your sharp fangs sink deep within me but every time you just stand there, blank faced, watching me bleed. 

As I take what feels like my last breath, 

I look up at the ceiling...

it is white and bare. 

I stare into the eyes of my fears just to tell them that I am going nowhere but right here. 

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The Time I Conquered Fear
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