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The Time

Cherish the Time

Life, so short, yet seems like it's taking forever

We live life as though we own it and decide it

But we fail to neglect life's worst enemy, Time.

The dead wish to have more time, just one second.

But here we are, dwelling mostly on vanity

We argue, fight and go to war against ourselves

Tons of hours wasted on things that are barren

There is a grey line between life and living

Living is a lifetime well spent with people you love

What if, you quarrel with someone today and tomorrow he is no more?

What if you loved someone who wanted to hear you say it

But you never said it and now he is no more?

If only I had more time with you 

If only it was just one second, I'll be full

Time waits for no one, it runs endlessly

It's up to you to make good use of it

Tears, Oh tears have filled my eyes

But at least now I see clearly, what about you?

The choices we make make us think we are in control

We can choose to do what we want to anybody

Kick this, hit that, hate this, love that

I laugh with a greek accent, as a day would approach

When the sun lights up the night and keep you awake

To remember all your past mistakes

Sometimes the greatest enemy of man is Man

Not sometimes, virtually everytime, Damned I'll be

Rose are red, Violets are blue

Time doesn't wait for you

Appreciate the people u have found

Keep them as close as to be found

Appreciate every moment with them

Cherish your family, smile and be merry

For the things I have seen has thus awakened me

This matrix idea was imprinted on us.

Waiting for us to break free towards reality

More time, the dead pray for it

More time, the dead pray for it

More time, the dead pray for it

For if they had more time, who knows

It's unpredictably predictable that they would laugh more

Don't worry about tomorrow, you don't own it

Don't worry about yesterday, you have spent it

Learn from it, sometimes time teaches how it should be spent

Crazy as it sounds, Time speaks of its time to come

And so then, i say i love you all, no matter who you are

I wish you all well, no matter the wrong you did against me

Because I have realised that we are all timed

And I don't want spend my eternity, wishing for MORE TIME

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The Time
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