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The Tide

A Poem by ARD

A poem from me to you. 

You are in Danger.

Get Swept Away.

You resist against The Tide when the world is a fishbowl. 

Before you knew it, you are 18 now. 

Sidestep the fish hook

Breathe a sigh of relief when the world is a net. 

Swim, swim, swim away. 

My dream in you dives. It drowns. 

Swim, swim, swim away. 

My life in you dives. It drowns. 

Snatch all the goodness.

Deman the righteousness. 

Tell them to run.

When its walls are all around, pile bricks on me and push me on. 

You are a star but because of the grownups wry wishes, you became a meteor. 

The finger that handed you the spade scorns you

Saying that you dug your own grave. 

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The Tide
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