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The Thoughts

Something may be real.

Have you ever felt like you're all alone in a crowded room 

but so many people around you  

when all you feel is dead inside 

I wish you could let go and be free 

you felt sad but you are alive in life 

to feel something anything again 

the dead and numb to the pain in that

The days seem longer and harder 

each day gets harder to fight 

harder to get dressed and go about the day 

most days seemed just like a blur 

like that time you were here don't matter 

you're just a ship passing on the sea

You feel life is at this point has been pointless

We feel like nothing is right or matters we can do a million rights and still find that 1 fault 

the worst thing you do is dwell on that you're not that person anymore

You have been made new 

new from all the pain that you have felt the love that is something brand new the impossible feeling that once was wasted

was the best choice you could have made for you 

that saved you from the darkness that was consuming you 

and every day the battle cause the darkness wants you back 

but that will never happen because that light that you have will never go out 

it'll be brighter and brighter because the love you have for me

It will never die it's gonna hold us through forever we're gonna be there through thick and thin forever and always

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The Thoughts
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