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The Thief in the Night

A Tale of Loss

Outside grew a storm in the midst of the night 
Its arrival insidious, its impact a fright.

It grew above so selfish, so dark 
It's rain dampened all connection and spark.

Quietly in sleep it let itself in
. Came in the night carrying sacks full of sin.

Slowly pouring its contents all over the floor.
The foundations were shaken right to the core.

Light turned dark and confusion ensued
. All around the weather howled and brewed.

All that was good and healthy and fun 
...was stolen by the darkness that refused to turn.  

The storm unyielding, the thief in the night. 
It is the shadow that casts when we lose our sight. 

The thunder boomed and stabbed with its fork 
Rumbled and roared like the soul of an orc. 

 Searching hard to find a place of shelter...
but the thief stole all the safety it's cruel effect came a belter. 

It has jabbed, battered and tossed things around 
Left in its wake a terrible sound.  

As I lie here affected by unwelcome disturbance, 
wrestling with degrees of inner perturbance,

I remember to be thankful for the lessons it brings. 
As much as I wish it...I have no control over things.  

So I hunker down in the commotion tossed to the floor...
 and remember when a window is closed there opens a door. 

The house wasn't finished development was long. The ground was firm and the base was strong 

Foundations were built from land of pure. 
Roots are deep and the seed holds the cure.

I live in hope that the storm passes soon
. May there be a rainbow in rising from the cocoon.

I have one wish for what is left long after...
...may all things be healthy and again filled with laughter. 

Stacie © 

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The Thief in the Night
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