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The Tall Tale of “The Girl at the Bar”

Down the road she goes...


Empty bottles of Pendelton decorate her bedroom floor, ever since that cowboy man walked out of her door.

It's Friday night again so she gets up to get dressed, all the boys want her but she's hardly impressed.

With her hair all curled up and lips painted red, DJ plays a song and he's stuck back in her head.

It's like she couldn't get away no matter where she went, there was just never enough time to make her heart feel content.

So she tried moving off to get her mind right, but she failed and now fills the void by another holding her tight.

Waking up in a strangers arms she's better than that, but she'll sneak out that door a no shame habit.

So now she makes em fall in love as soon as they dance, and string them along and they think they gotta chance,

But what they don't know is she's got a clever disguise, that heart may hurt but she's gotten good with goodbyes.

She'll roll right through them like an Oklahoma twister, make them cowboys melt as soon as they kiss her.

They'll load her up thinking maybe she'll stay but she's onto the next with nothing to say.

Some may call her a whore but they just don't know, all the lines she's been fed that cut her before.

They made her this way and now she feels no guilt, she'll always win no matter the cards dealt.

Though she may cry she feels no pain, you can't with no heart, it's just a part of the game.

With her little black book she'll keep track of them all, they'll start to miss her but she'll never call.

Fuck the queen of hearts she's the ace of spades and she'll cut a man down if he slanders her name.

Will she ever settle down nobody knows, but with one foot in front of the other down the road she goes.

She keeps her wheels a rolling with no intent of slowing down, won't ever stay long in a one horse town.

She's got a heart of stone, but she'll never be weighed down. Iron smile held high that girl will still wear her crown.

Call her what you want she don't give a shit, she'll make it on her own she don't have to commit.

I know she'll find herself when it comes her time, but between now and then, her heart she'll redesign. Living ain't a crime and she never listens to what you tell her, but she'll live life full and float on like a feather.


March 14, 2016

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The Tall Tale of “The Girl at the Bar”
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