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The Sun

And the Moon

Have you ever embraced the sunlight kissing the crevices of your body?

Basking in the growth the universe is giving your soul, the foundation for all you crave from the world.

Waking while he rises and sends you off, up waiting for your walk to take you back down to where he sets and leaves you in the warmth of the moon.

Have you ever embraced the glow of the moon slithering through your veins? Through the trenches of the darkest hours guiding you in the stars.

She acts as the sole protector to every wish you’ve uttered since words were given to your throat.

Saving you from the tempest that degrades the sun and brings about the twinkle.

Feeling so safe wrapped in the warmth only the stars could give, so engulfed in the mystery of the galaxy that holds us. We’re thriving in a setting painted by those who have left us.

Finding solace in looking up and seeing what we have been so ready to understand. To know what is to come will never fully grasp the depth of my love for what is out there, patiently waiting and growing.

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The Sun
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