The Speechless Suitor

Unspoken Love

Lonely Oak

Ode to be, this is a dream.

With her, my heart pounds.

To taste those sweet moments that surrond her.

With reverent calm, I beseech.

Unto Deafness, my words fall, for they,


Oh Cirano, 


Why does my tongue weigh so much?

I wish, no pray!

End my torment and take my heart!

Alas, I am but a shadow, something

Without substance to her.

My wealth, for a moment of speech.

My life, for her adoration!

To this my faithful bards, I SWEAR!

Take me, unto her heart.

Feed me to this bountifully beautiful maiden,

And I will be your man for life.

But alas, there is no hope. 

I am told it is but a heart-felt jest for,

She is of the noble's tree,

And I, Just an Oak.

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David Niewoehner
David Niewoehner

Published Poet, Creative Writer, Story Teller. I am a Disabled Veteran Who has some time to be a little creative and help my family all at the same time. Love to use my imagination and maybe help others do the same.


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The Speechless Suitor
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