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The Sound of Angels

The Sound of a Guitar

There’s a place

Where you can

Hear the sound of

Angels as they speak


Through the six pillars that lines

The door

Only the ones with keys

Can unlock the sacred

Melodies form by the

Angels tongue.


Darling listen closely

To the notes that

Comes from each guitar.

They hold the tears and laughs of angels

They hold their blessings and their scars.


The Angels tell their stories

In soft hush tones

Only Audible the

Sound of their voices

Aligned in perfect harmony


There’s place where you can hear the sound of Angels

As they speak.

So listen closely to sound

That comes from a guitar’s strings.

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Carla Bisschoff
Carla Bisschoff

A small town girl that uses poetry as a method to keep her sanity. With a passion for travelling, discovering and learning about different cultures and religions.

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The Sound of Angels
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