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The Snow Must Go On

Don't you wish your life was as simple as a snowflake's?

Right, I watch through window

the slow snowy miracle

plain white flakes glide down

graceful, effortlessly prominent, poised

and purposeless

in their silent left-right gliding descent

to the ground without a sound

Unlike in my head, no silence left

as I look to my left to find hectic

heaps of homework and thoughts

about the labourious deadlines

that leave my spirit dead, indeed

by robbing all time dedicated to my well-being

and feeding these hours to the

unquenchable monster of work obligations

But purpose lies in these many labourious deadlines

Lines of essay due tomorrow...and tomorrow...and tomorrow...

and tomorrow's purpose to me is unbeknown

But the show must go on

The snow must go on

almost mocking my fast-working fury with its slow steady pace

The flakes must fall

leaving me in awe at their perfect purposeless purpose

Making me wish my greatest feat was merely

a graceful, gliding left-right rhythm

floating between the clouds 

instead of between deadlines

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The Snow Must Go On
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