The Silent Numb

And Its Hum Drum

The hum drum of the silent numb

I sit and wait while I twiddle my thumbs

Trying to widdle away at the imaginary glum

And the time keeps ticking while I wonder what I'll become

My want to understand seems to expand

Whenever I reach this place that's unplanned

I demand an answer! This state I must disband

There's not much more that I can withstand

The hum drum of the silent numb

I start to wonder if others perceive me as dumb

Being asked a question and answering "umm"

Just as a guitar player forgets how to strum

Within this place I feel less space

My mind is trapped within this case

Worrying if I have become a disgrace

Continuing to slow down my thinking pace

Will this situation become a continuation? Stuck in perpetuation without my imagination

It's hard to envision a great creation

Blossoming up from this foggy station

If this is my new foundation I must change my location

I request salvation from this sedation

If this continues as my only sensation I foresee a downgrade in my fermentation that constantly grows towards inspiration

I thrive for elation!

I require motivation!

What will be required for a change in vibration?

Only time can truly know

Pray I'm not stuck within limbo

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The Silent Numb
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