The Serpent With Wings

It was as if you were a form of a sea dragon, With gils to breathe and wings to fly, You found me lonely in the air.

"It was as if you were a form of a sea dragon, 

With gills to breathe and wings to fly, 

You found me lonely in the air.

Hid the venom of your tongue behind a smile slicked across your face;

A smile which disarmed my willing heart.

Patiently you learned my leisurely pace

You taught me such an unfamiliar embrace, 

I grew to know the version of you that you chose to display.

I fell in love with your mystical being, all the way.

You preyed on me with eyes sparkling as we soared together through the sky,

And learned my truths, the gift of my misdirected eye.

No sooner did I cast my free gaze upon the sea, 

Did I find myself plummeting at the highest and ungodliest of speeds, 

Scrambling my unsteady head frantically about,

I grasped to understand why the sky was rejecting me,

To find the source of the searing and throbbing pain radiating from my spine 

With blurred vision, I witnessed my feathers clenched between your teeth, 

My crimson wine blood stained your dark cheeks, 

All too soon I was swallowed by the raging waters, reduced into a petrified ghost of a shell.

My lungs collapsed under the pressure of the sea,

The pain clouded my neurological functions.

My eyes remained wide with shock.

My heart hemorrhaged with no reservations.

I kept replaying the scenes.

Begged my mind to reveal how this could have ever come to be,

My ethereal mystical love betrayed me.

You were but a serpent in my garden of clouds,

Clipped off my wings,

I was drowning now."

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The Serpent With Wings