The Sacred Flag Still Calls

A New Horizon Poem

For many a long month we battled hard across the great plain of misery,

against an enemy spread as far as the deep blue sea,

raging violently with all of our might in the name of liberty,

and an individuals constitutional freedom to ascend the latter of 


into a realm on par with that of aristocracy.

We beat them across the hills and many a dale,

our men fought so bravely and battled so well,

that unto this very day legends do still tell

of those men of valor who still lay where they then fell.

Into a wall of lead and demon's fire,

their spirit ne'er grew wane nor bodies did tire,

for Saint Andrews flag still waved in the distance for the men to admire,

Virginia's best were still assaulting to inspire

the others to move forward through blood and mire.

In spite of the loud rage from shell and lead,

unto liberties call they still were wed,

fires flowers blooming to the left and the right,

as the fight doth rage by the light of day

and by the moon of night.

We were out numbered by ten to one,

when we astonishingly dreamed that we were almost done,

that glorious crimson flag loomed ahead like a new sun,

heralding the spirit onward into our battle run.

Our drumbeat thundered in a constant rhythm,

by the trembling roar our souls be driven

compelled onward by liberties call,

surging headlong through their leaden wall,

moving ahead though hundreds did fall.

Though the sweat be heavy,

and the pain be great,

our spirits are ready,

since liberties call can't wait.

Though the fight is bloody

in cities across the land,

for the flag of individual enterprise liberty

we shall make our yet most glorious stand!

H.L. Dowless
H.L. Dowless

The author is an international ESL instructor. He has been a writer and author for ever thirty years. His latest publications were in the area of nonfiction with a company called Algora and fiction in  Vinculink, or purchase through Amazon.

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