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The Remembrance

Part 2

You greet yourself

as you return home.

You already know the stories

you’ll tell yourself

about the lifetimes of dreams

that you swore were real.

And when you’re ready,


loved, of love and love itself,

drink from a new chalice,

and sing

and dance a new dance.

Celebrate your wealth

that wets the desert sand.

The abundance

you have no words for.

Let it out now,

in a rumble,

in a low, empowered hum.

Push your knowing to the surface,

and bottle the moment

to use at every turn.

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A hybrid creative driven to connect and destined for play. I see lifestyle and experience as forms of art, and use self-study as my fuel and my science. My heaviest themes are high-sensitivity, intuition, and awareness. I just love being.

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The Remembrance
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