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The Real Ugly Duckling

A Poem About Muscovy Ducks & Love

This is Chai, she is a call duck--not a muscovy 

They say there is just one breed of duck

That has very bad luck

And that's is the Muscovy

Although even he can find matrimony

From the day he was born

They didn't give him any corn

They said he was an ugly duckling

Which made him quite swashbuckling (daring)

He wanted to prove

Just how fast he could move

So he zipped across the pond

And ended up going way beyond

And with just enough luck

He found another duck

She was a Muscovy too,

He thought her feathers had a pretty hue

So they became a pair

And their love was quite rare

They loved each other for who they are

Even if they didn't look like a star

They didn't mind how they looked

They just knew they were hooked,

On the love they had for each other,

Which led to her becoming a mother

Their babies were laughed at

Even by the old barn cat

This made the ducklings sad

So they cried about it to their dad

And their dad told them a tale

About a pair of quail

That loved each other for who they are

Even if they didn't look like a star

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The Real Ugly Duckling
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